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The Widow Maker by Callum Methven

Come and have a look

at what the widow maker’s made,

come and have a gander

where the grass grows round his legs,

summer storm’s a worry

and she’s left the children weary,

gumnut shrapnel cracking thunder and the yard

is full of trenches, makeshift drains

of broken sticks and lesser branches

where her looser limbs gave way


a grounded nest where the body rests,

the birds will sing the morning after and

the table clears to an empty bed and

the kids are late for school again and

the sky will fade to overcast,

the clouds will bulge with wanting screams

and when it does they’ll find out

what the widow maker’s made.

About the author
Callum Methven is a writer and translator living and working on unceded Wurundjeri land, in rural Victoria. His writing has appeared in Verge, Signs of Life Anthology, and most recently in Jacaranda. In 2022 he was longlisted for the Richell Prize.