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About Us

Established in 2022 by Emma Nayfie, Nightmare Fuel Magazine aims to showcase both emerging and established Australian horror and dark fiction writers.

We feature fiction and poetry that sits within the broad spectrum of dark fiction, with one simple guideline for our contributors to follow: all work must be no more than 666 words.

Our values

Horror and dark fiction has the power to unnerve, unsettle and disturb. It’s a fantastic genre that allows us to challenge the status quo. These stories also have the power to do some of the work towards eliminating hate, racism, misogyny and bigotry.

While we appreciate that horror is often borne from the darkest parts of the human experience, we do not publish works that dwell unnecessarily in or are unchallenging of these forms of hate and violence.

More information on our submission guidelines are located here.

Get in contact

If you’d like to contact the Nightmare Fuel team directly, email